Christmas Update 2022

One of the special opportunities of the Christmas season is being able to catch up a bit with the lives of friends and family. As we receive Christmas cards and letters in the mail this month, we have been reading them in our family’s “morning meeting.” We hope our family update will be a blessing … Continue reading Christmas Update 2022

Long Distance Vision

I have very bad eyesight and have needed glasses or contacts since my middle school days. As the years have progressed, as is the case with most people, my up close "reading vision" has also digressed, and I have needed the assistance of reading glasses to supplement my contacts. About a year ago I thought … Continue reading Long Distance Vision

Self-Control and God’s Three Institutions

My wife and I had the privilege to teach the teen class in our Vacation Bible School this summer. The theme of the VBS was God as Creator, Designer, Redeemer (through God the Son), and Empowerer (through God the Holy Spirit.) It was a blessing to teach these young people, and to think of the … Continue reading Self-Control and God’s Three Institutions

“Snapshot” Short Film by Ethan

For Mother's Day weekend I wanted to share this special short film. Our son Ethan just completed his sophomore year at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Below is a short film he created as his Sophomore Platform for the cinema program. You can check out his YouTube channel to see some of his other … Continue reading “Snapshot” Short Film by Ethan

Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 (Movie Review)

We have never been much of a "movie family." But recently we’ve decided to make family movie nights a priority, and go in search of quality movies that will be enriching and enjoyable to watch. It’s been great so far! We hope it will help others find good content as well. Searching for Bobby Fischer … Continue reading Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 (Movie Review)

A Helpful Tool for Making Men out of Boys

We can either be all worked up about the kind of world our children are growing up in, or we can work on the kind of children we are growing up in this world. The first choice will do the world no good, and the latter choice will do the world a world of good. … Continue reading A Helpful Tool for Making Men out of Boys

What You Can Know in Uncertain Times

It's been quite a beginning to 2021. There is a lot we don't know, and it seems in some ways that the confusion gets worse with each passing day. But with all of the "bad," don't forget to also see the good. What might God be up to in these days we are living? What … Continue reading What You Can Know in Uncertain Times