Long Distance Vision

I have very bad eyesight and have needed glasses or contacts since my middle school days. As the years have progressed, as is the case with most people, my up close “reading vision” has also digressed, and I have needed the assistance of reading glasses to supplement my contacts.

About a year ago I thought I would try the two-prescription contact method by having one prescription in one eye for reading, and another prescription in the other eye for distance. The eye doctor encouraged to give it a try, saying that over time my brain would translate it all together and I would have clear vision. Goodbye to bothersome reading glasses.

Well, my brain didn’t cooperate. And I gave it a whole year. The year went by in a blur, in more ways than one.

Just the other day I decided to go back to the optometrist and get my regular contacts back. I have been more than delighted to have my full distance vision back again without any blurring, and I am not minding having to use the reading glasses. For me, after having the constant semi-blur, the long distance visual clarity is worth the hassle of the reading glasses.

This past Father’s Day, I was reminded of the importance of a clear, long distance vision of another kind. Dads, we are working for something that is bigger than ourselves, and something we have to keep in clear perspective. A Dad may or may not be able to build a literal house, but all Dads are able, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to build a household— an enduring and good work that will go on into the future. This is no little matter. Not at all.

It is important that we keep our long distance vision clear. At times, the road at hand can get a bit discouraging. We can be tempted to feel like we aren’t really accomplishing much. At times we can feel pretty beat up by the enemy. The father of lies whispers in our ears that we really must be doing it all wrong, and we might as well just give it up. Or, he may be tempting us to wonder what good we could really be doing if we were not so bogged down by the daily “hassles” of a wife and kids.

I encourage you to put on the long distance glasses.

Why is there such a war against the home and family? Why is it that fathers and mothers are so tempted to go off fulfilling their own passions, leaving the responsibility of raising the children to someone else? Why is there such a war against male leadership today? I think deep down we all know why these things are prevalent. The family is the foundation for a Christian society. As goes the family, so goes the society.

If you are bringing your family up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, your kids (and grands, and great-grands, and great, great grands…) truly are the enemy’s worst nightmare. And if the enemy can get the hearts and minds of the children (think kindergarten drag-queen shows and the like), we very quickly lose the society, even for generations to come.

Some would-be Dads may be wondering if it is a very smart idea to have children in such a time as we are living. Fear can be a terrible enemy to the kingdom of God. Again, I would encourage you to put on your long distance eye assistance. Yes! It is a tremendously good idea to have children in these days, although it will necessarily take courage and fortitude. There may have never been a more important time in the history of western civilization for couples who love the Lord to have children. Commit to the Lord in faith that you will do all you can to raise up mighty warriors for Christ’s Kingdom, who will in turn raise up more mighty warriors, and on and on. It is no easy task, but no true culture-building work is easy.

Dad, be encouraged.

Have you messed up lately? Get it right with God, plead the blood of Christ, put away your sin, and move forward with courage.

Is someone in your circle of influence or under your care making unwise decisions? Are you discouraged by the bad choices of someone you love? Don’t give up. Did you make unwise choices along the way? Who hasn’t? Was someone praying for you? Did God bring you through? He will do the same for those you are burdened about. Again, don’t give up. See through the lens of a long distance view. Some may even have to end up in some very dark places before they come to their senses, but the Lord can turn the light on for them, one day. Pray for this, in faith.

Have you been filled with fear? Take heart. The Lord has not left His throne, and nobody is going to vote Him off. No matter how loud His enemies scream, in the end, He wins.

Have you been discouraged? Remember that the Lord is working in and through you to accomplish His purposes in your home. Have the faith to believe it. Pray, “Lord, unless you build the house, they labor in vain that build it. We believe You are building this home as we do the best we know to do, seeking to follow Your Word.” And then believe that He keeps His promises, and that He really is building your household. And the long term outcome of such a household is huge.

The future is bright for such a household led by an imperfect father who is sold out to the Kingdom of God. Not because Dad is anything all that special. But because Dad has a really great God who is fighting for him and for his family.

Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for you today… The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.

Exodus 14:14

Hey! Do you need to get your prescription adjusted? If so, don’t delay. Once the blurriness is gone, the long distance vision is just beautiful.

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