There is No Such Thing (or, You’re Not Allowed to Believe That)

“Billy Bixby was rather surprised when he woke up one morning and found a dragon in his room. It was a small dragon, about the size of a kitten…” My wife and children introduced me to a great little book called There is No Such Thing as a Dragon by prolific author and illustrator Jack … Continue reading There is No Such Thing (or, You’re Not Allowed to Believe That)

Faith and Reason

Is it right for Christians to look for evidence of God's works in history? Shouldn't we just "take the Bible by faith"? Is it right for Christians to seek scientific explanations for things God has done, such as the worldwide Flood and the provision of manna in the wilderness? These questions are being addressed on … Continue reading Faith and Reason

Christmas Update 2022

One of the special opportunities of the Christmas season is being able to catch up a bit with the lives of friends and family. As we receive Christmas cards and letters in the mail this month, we have been reading them in our family’s “morning meeting.” We hope our family update will be a blessing … Continue reading Christmas Update 2022

A Word to Young Men

Recently I made a statement to my family, and my fourteen year old nodded pretty vigorously. If you can get a fourteen year old to agree with you, then you may be on to something. I said, "Men are born conquerors. You may have noticed." Many young men today are aimlessly wandering through life without … Continue reading A Word to Young Men

We Started a Podcast – Come Listen In!

Sign Up for The BC Messenger Listen on your favorite app 🎧 Do you take advantage of podcasts? If not, you should! I have often listened to a podcast in the morning while getting ready for the day, or in the car while driving. Podcasts are a convenient (and often fun) way to get information … Continue reading We Started a Podcast – Come Listen In!

Location of the True Mount Sinai

The following article is from our Truth in Time ministry. You are welcome to visit the Truth in Time website to learn more. You can also see all of my articles and videos on biblical chronology where we are exploring Dr. Aardsma’s theory of the “missing millennium” in biblical history. If you are at all familiar with the Bible, … Continue reading Location of the True Mount Sinai

Dealing With Pain

It was really quite ferocious. Last week I experienced some pretty serious pain. When it began I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that the pain in the left side of my back, coming around to my stomach was intense. I was having our “morning meeting” with my family when it … Continue reading Dealing With Pain

Long Distance Vision

I have very bad eyesight and have needed glasses or contacts since my middle school days. As the years have progressed, as is the case with most people, my up close "reading vision" has also digressed, and I have needed the assistance of reading glasses to supplement my contacts. About a year ago I thought … Continue reading Long Distance Vision

Self-Control and God’s Three Institutions

My wife and I had the privilege to teach the teen class in our Vacation Bible School this summer. The theme of the VBS was God as Creator, Designer, Redeemer (through God the Son), and Empowerer (through God the Holy Spirit.) It was a blessing to teach these young people, and to think of the … Continue reading Self-Control and God’s Three Institutions

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

Much can be gleaned from watching some of these old movies made in days long passed. In a day when the present "pop" culture flaunts its self-destructive, all-consuming, fifteen-minutes-of-fame practices, with seemingly little concern for what will be passed on to future generations, it is striking to take a peek back just 75 to 100 … Continue reading Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

What Ought Adam to Have Done?

Adam was in a dilemma. We know the story. There’s a dragon, his bride has disobeyed and is under a death-curse, and Adam is presented with a choice. But it’s an impossible choice. Obey God and refuse the fruit, or disobey and partake. We know that in principle, Adam ought to have obeyed God. But what would … Continue reading What Ought Adam to Have Done?

Parable of the Seed

Once there was a little seed. It was a beautiful seed, black and shiny, and it thought of itself very highly. It wanted to be set in a prominent place where it could be admired by all who passed by. It took great care for its image and comfort at all times, and despised the … Continue reading Parable of the Seed