Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 (Movie Review)

We have never been much of a “movie family.” But recently we’ve decided to make family movie nights a priority, and go in search of quality movies that will be enriching and enjoyable to watch. It’s been great so far! We hope it will help others find good content as well.

Searching for Bobby Fischer was our choice a few weeks ago. It took us a little while to realize that the movie was not about Bobby Fischer (the most famous American chess player) though his story is relayed throughout the film. It is about a young man named Joshua Waitzkin who was a childhood chess prodigy in the early 1980s. Joshua’s parents suddenly realize that their seven year old has a very unusual talent for chess, and they begin to put him into lessons with a famous chess instructor in New York city.

There are a number of great lessons that come through in this movie. A few of them are:

*Character above performance.

*Friendship across age “barriers.”

*Friendship across cultural boundaries.

*Leadership is hard. Each instructor in your life has their good points and bad. Nobody has all the answers, but you can learn from the strengths (and weaknesses) of others.

*The value in being passionate about something.

*A father who wants to bring out the best in his son in his unusual ability, but has to wrestle with what is actually best for his son.

A fun side note: our kids were intrigued to find out that the real Joshua Waitzkin made a cameo appearance in the film, and so we had to go back and find that moment.

A good movie can be a valuable tool in striking up some good conversation amongst the family members. Discussing a movie you’ve watched together–analyzing scenes, evaluating the acting, debating the plot–it’s a great way to connect with family. Watching this particular movie might even result in some good chess matches!

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3 thoughts on “Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 (Movie Review)

  1. As always, dear brother, I appreciate both the content of your posts and the beautiful heart and motive behind them.

    Love and very best wishes to you and your family from Allen & Robin

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  2. Merry Christmas Steve & Jennifer and the rest of the family. I see all the children are growing up fast. I also noticed some of the family are looking a little older.
    I enjoyed reading the articles and looks like you’re doing good. I watch the Sunday service from home now I don’t walk so well anymore.
    Well tell all the family hello. Take Care now and God Bless you all. Joe Herrald

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    1. Hi Joe, good to hear from you! Yes, everyone is growing up fast, no doubt. We think of you and the folks there in Virginia very often. Thanks for reaching out to us, and I will certainly tell everyone you said hi! God bless you as well.


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