What You Can Know in Uncertain Times

It’s been quite a beginning to 2021. There is a lot we don’t know, and it seems in some ways that the confusion gets worse with each passing day. But with all of the “bad,” don’t forget to also see the good. What might God be up to in these days we are living? What are some things we can know? With our limited and short sighted view, we surely cannot know it all. And God knows we don’t need to. But we can know a few things– the most important things.

First, we can know that God is a big God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob truly is the sovereign Lord over all, and He is a really Big God. Big Tech and Big Government and other “kings of the earth” can’t even compare. The Lord sits in the heavens and laughs. (Psalm 2)

We can also know Who to follow. Jesus Christ is not merely Lord over a lot. Nope. He is Lord over ALL. And He has said, “Be not afraid. Come, follow me.” And with this command comes the promise of rest.

We can also know that there are lessons we need to learn from what God is shaking loose from our lives. Jennifer read a post to me recently from a mother of 6 children that really rings true. Here is a portion of that post:

“Begin to build times and spaces in your home… that are free of screens and ‘connectivity.’ Disconnect more often from the internet and begin to depend on prayer, creation, games, great literature and beautiful music for your ‘down time.’ If we depend on the true, the good and the beautiful for our strength, we shall never be betrayed.”

And this is one more thing we can know in these uncertain times– We can depend on God. He will never betray you. I believe God is shaking quite a bit of “dross” off of our lives, and revealing false gods we may have been listening to. Snuggling up close to these false gods is always going to end up in a big let down (or worse). There is no better time than now to begin to fill your life and family with the true and living God, and all of His good things. It’s a good time to concern ourselves less with followers on social media, and more with following the Savior. This may look like something as simple as playing games with your children, reading a good book to your family or spouse, going outside and enjoying God’s good creation, or even listening to some beautiful music.

Here is a beautiful song that has ministered to me. I hope it is a blessing to you.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28

One thought on “What You Can Know in Uncertain Times

  1. Such a blessing and encouragement, Steve! I needed to hear this today. Thank you for taking the time form your very busy life to share with others what God is showing you. Helen E. Aardsma (MIL)


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