What Ought Adam to Have Done?

Adam was in a dilemma. We know the story. There’s a dragon, his bride has disobeyed and is under a death-curse, and Adam is presented with a choice. But it’s an impossible choice.

Obey God and refuse the fruit, or disobey and partake.

We know that in principle, Adam ought to have obeyed God. But what would that look like?

If he obeyed and refused the fruit, he would abandon his death-cursed bride to the dragon and lose her forever. Abandon to death that which God had given him for love, protection, and friendship. Having been designated as her head and protector, this would have equated to an epic mission failure.

But his other option: disobey, eat the fruit and follow her, thereby partaking in her death and separation from God. He would plunge her, himself, and the rest of the human race into death and despair.

Lose her or join her. Both horrible choices.

What ought Adam to have done?

Fortunately, God decided to tell this story again.

A second Adam came. He too was given a bride under a death curse and a serpent to defeat.

But this Adam said, “Take me instead.”

So what ought the first Adam have done? He ought to have smashed the serpent’s head then and there. Then, he ought to have taken his fallen bride before God and said,

“Take me instead.”

(Written by Joshua some years ago.)

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