BCM Podcast – May 2023 / Episode 10

We’re hoisting the sails for another adventure on the high seas of real science, real Bible, real history, and real world!

This month we begin by continuing our multi-part discussion on the Missing Millennium discovery, correlating biblical history with extra-biblical data, in a fashion which is both intellectually satisfying and true to the text of Scripture and the data of science. This sure does get us into some interesting (even unexpected) territory—as the pursuit of truth always does.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Discussion: Overview of the Missing Millennium (how does this work out textually?)
  • Featured Video: “Are the Ancient Bible Stories Actually True?”
  • I’ve Got Questions: How did Ussher miss this?
  • Truth in Time: Spring and summer itinerary
  • Quote of Note: “Noah was a godly preacher…”
  • Aging 101: The Example of Vitamin C and Scurvy
  • Helen’s View: Helen interviews Steve

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