We Started a Podcast – Come Listen In!

Do you take advantage of podcasts? If not, you should! I have often listened to a podcast in the morning while getting ready for the day, or in the car while driving. Podcasts are a convenient (and often fun) way to get information and keep up with things you are interested in. There are podcasts available on any topic you can think of. I even know some young people who produce a “private” podcast to share with friends and family about events going on in their lives while they are away at college! It’s a great tool available to us today.

One of the practical things about a podcast is the convenience of having new episodes delivered right to your device or computer, if you subscribe on a platform such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Tune In, etc.

I am excited to bring to you this one-of-a-kind podcast! Jennifer and I love communicating the work we are involved in with The Biblical Chronologist. It’s an apologetics ministry– with real science, real Bible, real history, and real world– called The BC Messenger.

Each month includes a collage of topics focused on and relating to the research work of Dr. Gerald Aardsma, along with a peek behind-the-scenes. The BC Messenger aims to keep busy individuals informed about life-impacting BC research and discoveries.

You can listen to one of our episodes below. I also hope you will sign up to receive The BC Messenger each month.

BCM March 2023 The BC Messenger

  1. BCM March 2023
  2. BCM February 2023
  3. BCM January 2023
  4. BCM December 2022
  5. BCM November 2022

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