The most helpful info on Covid (and vaccines) I have read yet.

It has been a year and a half since we first learned of Covid 19 and began the initial quarantine to “flatten the curve.” Since that time it has truly been a challenge to know what to believe in the midst of the enormous amount of information and seeming chaos surrounding this virus.

But for me, things are finally beginning to add up, as I have observed over the last year and a half what has actually taken place in the lives of people that I know, and most of all, what the men and women “on the ground” who have been dealing with this virus every day are telling us. (Praise God for them.) It has certainly been hard to know what is trustworthy information, and what is not.

And now we are dealing with the vaccination issues, and all that surrounds that!

So I am linking here to an article that I came across that has been very helpful for me. I wanted to pass it along to others who may also find some perspective in it. It is actually an interview with the author of the blog (Keith Mathison, Christian author and teacher) interviewing a medical doctor who attends his church (Dr. David Koo). The questions asked were exactly some of the questions that I have had, and the answers were clear and straightforward from a trustworthy source. Again, I hope it provides some clarity for you as well.

Read the article “I Asked a Doctor” here.

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