No Way to Preserve Freedom Without a Godly Seed

by Steve Hall

So we need every godly individual we can to get out and vote in the coming election. This message always comes out loud and clear whenever an election season approaches.

Question: where are all these individuals who will vote righteously going to come from…? Christian American families, we need some long term vision. There is a way to have little worry about having enough votes to defeat corruption and continue godly freedom. Tragically, there is a certain segment of our society that is aborting their future voters. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see how the population math works out… but it does take some courage and sacrifice. (Also, did you know there are 400,000 children in foster care in the US, and more than 100,000 of them are waiting to be adopted? In Virginia alone [the state where our family used to reside] there are 5,000 in foster care, 1,700 with the goal of adoption, and more than 600 waiting right now for a family. There is a ton of info at

There is no way to preserve freedom without a godly seed. Of course the ultimate goal is to simply love and obey God, love others, and build the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. But the benefits of simple, sacrificial love and obedience always end up being more than we could ever imagine. And it often just begins with me giving up what I want today so that God can use me to have a huge influence and effect on tomorrow.

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