Surround Yourself With Truth

by Steve Hall

Hey there, friend! Have you forgotten that you are in a battle today? No, I don’t mean with your spouse! I mean with the very devil himself. I mean with your sinful flesh that Satan likes to so easily “beset” you with. It is very easy to forget that we are fighting, every day, against lies from the enemy. We are in a war of truth against lies (John 8:44), and even now the devil wants you to believe his lies. He wants you to mess up. He wants to ruin your testimony and your good work for Him. He is seeking your destruction, ultimately because he hates the One you serve.

Spiritual Warfare

It is certainly not pleasant to think that there is one who constantly works to see your life, family, and testimony destroyed, but it is so very necessary in order to have the victory. And remember, victory for the Christian is promised! However, the individual who doesn’t even know he is in a battle is in a pretty pitiful position.

So how do we fight the devil’s lies in our lives? We need to recognize the lies for what they are, and then we need to fight back with the truth. What is the truth? Jesus is the Truth. (John 14:6) The Holy Spirit is the “Spirit of truth.” (John 16:13) The Word of God is the truth. (John 17:17) God and His Word are truth, and anything that contradicts God or what He has said is a lie. So the battle has been set and it is raging, whether you know it or not. The enemy is Satan. The battlefield is your mind. The enemy’s weapons are sin, deception, and lies. The Christian’s weapons are the Word of God and the shield of faith in the truth of God.

The enemy has a strategy;  so should the Christian. One way we can fight is to surround ourselves with truth.

Practical ways to surround yourself with truth:

1. Read God’s Word every day. Let it be the first thing you do when you get up and the last thing you do before you go to sleep. Keep your Bible beside your bed at night.

2. Be accountable to someone each day. It may be your spouse, a good friend, a parent, or a pastor. We need each other in this battle! Be accountable to someone specifically in the areas where you know the enemy can easily get to you.

3. Post verses everywhere you are. Throughout your house, at work, at school, even in your car– let the Word of God be physically seen everywhere! Place verses on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, and as your computer password. Choose verses that are specific to lies you battle personally.

4. Memorize the word of God throughout the day. Carry verse cards in your pocket. Post verses on your social media pages. Keep it before you all day long.

5. Get rid of anything in your life that is ungodly and replace it with things that are godly. It has been said, you can’t prevent a bird from flying over your head but you can keep it from building a nest in your hair! Make no provision for the flesh. David said, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.” (Psalm 101:3)

What other ways can you think of to surround yourself with truth?

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