This is Not Confusing (or, Which Party I Could Not Vote For)

I am personally excited. At the same time I am concerned.

I am excited about the possibility of seeing the atrocious law of Roe v. Wade overturned in our land. This legalized killing of children has been a fist shaken in the face of God for far too long. We are closer than we have ever been to possibly seeing this unconstitutional, unconscionable law and national statement overturned by our judicial system.

Like the evil of slavery throughout the millenia, abortion is nothing new. People have been sacrificing and killing their children on the altar of Self since sin arrived into the world. And, as eventually happened in America with slavery, we are closer than ever to making a national statement, overturning the law that holds up the practice of abortion as nationally legal. This is due, I believe, to the remarkable spread of the gospel which has ended so many evils in societies since those first few disciples of Jesus Christ began to take it into the world over two thousand years ago. When Jesus Christ, like a seed, was planted into the ground, He sprung up in victorious new life, and that resurrection life has been spreading throughout this sin-filled world now for a long time. We can look back through history and see, little by little, the demise of many evils as a result.

So many in the body of Christ have tirelessly labored on this battlefront. We pray for the day when, in the powerful name of King Jesus, this dark evil is completely eradicated from the land.

At the same time, it is concerning to see an uprising among professed Christ-followers who appear to be deceived in this matter, following after what I can only perceive as some sort of misplaced compassion. There seems to be a considerable amount of talk and mocking going around about the problem of “one-issue voters.” Of course there have always been rumblings and grumblings about these one-issue voters, but it’s troubling when even some Christians begin to jump into the chorus.

Of course when a person is labeled a one-issue voter, very often we are speaking about the business of abortion. Or let me word that another way, we are speaking about that one monumental, monstrous issue (to some voters) of the legalized murder of innocent babies still in the womb, and some not-so-still-in-the-womb, (as if that were worse). We are speaking of that one issue of 63 million heartbeats of image bearers of God, having been put to sudden death— well over 3,000 every single day in America. Some seem to have become numb. In regard to other issues, I’m seeing statements like, “This is much bigger than abortion.” Certainly there are other important issues, but statements like these clearly demonstrate that the hideousness and horror of the atrocity of abortion in our nation is not being truly realized by some. I’m afraid we are being deceived by the enemy.

Some well-known leaders within the Christian community are tweeting and posting words that will truly make your jaw drop inside your pro-life corona mask. Here is one example,

“The Bible tells me that abortion is a sin and great evil, but it doesn’t tell me the best way to decrease or end abortion in this country, nor which policies are most effective. The current political parties offer a potpourri of different positions on these and many, many other topics, most of which, as just noted, the Bible does not speak to directly. This means when it comes to taking political positions, voting, determining alliances and political involvement, the Christian has liberty of conscience. Christians cannot say to other Christians “no Christian can vote for . . .” or “every Christian must vote for . . .” unless you can find a Biblical command to that effect.”

So, according to this well-known Christian pastor and teacher, it really doesn’t matter which party you vote for, even if one group has made it part of their public platform that the murder of innocents is legal behavior and should be a protected right. Hmm. What if a certain political party chose to make the evil of racism a part of their open public platform? Take the word ‘abortion’ in the quote above and replace it with the word ‘racism’. Would all of this nuanced, appeasing, “biblical” advice still apply? I highly doubt it.

Here is another quote from an article I recently saw,

“We must decide what’s more important—overturning a largely irrelevant law (that would be Roe v. Wade this fellow here is talking about) to make us FEEL better about abortion in America, or ACTUALLY enacting local policies that help women, support families, and save unborn children.”

So let’s try to get this straight here. The message seems to be saying that we have a problem with pro-life Christians who have not been concerned about actually taking any action on abortion in local areas, but only in making themselves feel better by working toward overturning that silly little “largely irrelevant” Roe v. Wade law. Folks, what in the world? Comparing to the issue of racism again, would this same fellow think of saying that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was really “largely irrelevant,” and just made everyone feel better about racism? I would agree that more could be done at the local level, and more people could get involved, but this line of reasoning seems to be a very clever way to take the issue of abortion away from politics, and give believers an “out” to vote for “compassionate” socialist causes. Very clever.

I read one article from a self-proclaimed Catholic asking, “Has the abortion issue become an idol for some at the expense of everything else?” And then after listing a number of other “pro-life” issues such as war and capital punishment… she states, “Are refugee children, homeless pregnant women or the prisoners on death row not also ‘society’s most vulnerable’?” (She had me going a little bit, until that last one!) Somewhere along the way we have lost it. (“Why grandmother, what big teeth you have…”)

Perhaps some Catholics could benefit from this statement from a prominent Catholic teacher: “Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That’s why it uses the same holy words, ‘This is my body,’ with the blasphemous opposite meaning.” -Peter Kreeft (Whoa…)

Of course there are other issues to be dealt with. Abortion is not the only issue. But if you have a wound that is bleeding profusely, whatever your other physical problems are, you have to stop the bleeding first, or you are not going to make it. If a doctor has a dying man in a room who needs his attention immediately, a decision has to be made to deal with the highest priority first.

Looking at it another way, imagine a man is standing at the entrance of a hospital, shooting people every so often as they walk through the door. It would be ludicrous for someone to say, “Ignore all the people being shot and let’s get together and talk about creating a culture of compassion. Let’s talk about saving lives. There are so many ways to create a culture of life in this hospital.” This really isn’t that hard.

To quote Maria von Trapp, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” If we don’t start at the beginning, we have no foundation. And if we try to build a society of compassion, care, equality, social justice, love and kindness, without the foundation, we are building on thin air. And of course, something built on thin air can only exist in someone’s imagination.

America is bleeding. Literally. And if we don’t keep making every effort to stop the bleeding, America isn’t going to make it. Listen, we have an abortion problem because we have a SEX problem. We have a lust problem, and we all know it. And the American church appears to be in just as bad shape as the world is in this matter. And the children, always, always, bear the brunt of the sin. Every time.

Do we think God is turning His head away, just ignoring this child sacrifice to the god of Self? How long do we expect that our nation is going to “get away” with these things? The truth of the matter is, with God, nobody is getting away with anything. Justice, judgment and wrath are coming if we do not nationally repent. We must acknowledge our sin individually, turn away from it, and throw ourselves on the mercy of Almighty God. And we must also do this nationally. But if, instead, even those who call themselves God’s children begin to downplay these 63 million murders, being more concerned about being thought badly of, and being “willing to listen,” what hope does this nation have left?

Until the day that it is completely defeated, we must never stop speaking the truth about this legalized murder, no matter what anyone says or thinks. Abortion is murder. Abortion is legalized murder. Abortion is the legalized murder of the most innocent lives among us. I could go on in a graphic manner, but will refrain. If you are a right-thinking Christian and believer of the Bible, you know that our nation is accountable in the eyes of God. A national statement means something. No, Roe v. Wade is certainly not “a largely irrelevant law.” Not at all.

I understand that no political party is perfect, by any means, and that “the Savior of the world is not going to arrive on Air Force One,” as someone said. But a heart that is longing for healing and righteousness in the land, the Kingdom of Christ to expand, and the blessing of God, ought to have a hard time giving people an “out” to support a party that places its approval on the murder of innocent life. That is not a statement of hate or racism or small-mindedness. It is a statement of good common sense.

The highest court in the land decided decades ago that the murder of innocents is legal behavior. This is not something we make peace with, or converse about all the “nuances” of the issue over a Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte. There are no nuances here. It’s simply good versus evil. God’s people are at war with this evil. And this battle for righteousness must be fought at many different levels, including both the national/Supreme Court level, and the personal/community “caring for women” level. Neither should be negated or trivialized. And happily, we are presently getting an upper hand in this war. It’s no wonder the wicked are enraged.

Presently, our nation is on the best course we have been on in nearly 50 years toward getting this bleeding stopped. Local pro-life groups have worked tirelessly with much passion, for many years now, for the sanctity of every human life. Our family was blessed to be involved for many years with one of these groups while we lived in Virginia, and we saw up close the great work these local groups do. If you are in this battle to help women and men and families who are suffering from the choice of abortion, or are contemplating aborting a child, or if you are working zealously to overturn this horrifying law in our land, thank the Lord for your good work. May your tribe increase. You are making a tremendous difference in this battle, and more than that, God sees it.

Yes, when it comes to the presidential election, which means, among other things, the appointing of federal justices, freedom to speak and not be censored, and more, my “one-issue voter” issue is legalized murder and bloodshed, and our nation’s stamp of approval on the termination of innocent life. I’m obviously not alone. And when it comes to this most important political issue, the lines today are clearly drawn between the two main parties running for the presidency. Because of this one single issue, there is presently one party that I could absolutely not vote for. And no matter how uncivil one party or candidate might (sadly) sometimes be, I am not just voting for a person. I am voting for the party and candidate who is working to champion the cause of stopping the murder of helpless children.

Dear Christian, there are some things in the world that are confusing. This is not one of them.

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6 thoughts on “This is Not Confusing (or, Which Party I Could Not Vote For)

  1. That’s really good! Spot on! Well said! I agree 💯%. I pray God will bring about just the right people to make this law go back to Hell where it came from!

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  2. Christians need to stop being so confused. We make many things way more confusing than they need to be. We need to decide where the lines are and then stand on them.

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    1. Yes, reminds me of 1 Kings 18:21, “And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.”


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