Personal Time With God

by Steve Hall

God is working. And if you are a true child of God, bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, God Himself desires to have a close relationship with you. He also desires to use you and me for His great work. It is very hard for me to believe that God would use me for His work on this earth. But, it is the truth! We must remember though that it is His work, not ours. We must remember that we can do all things through Christ, but without Christ, we are nothing. Our first work each day should be to submit to the Lord in a spirit of meekness, allowing Him to use our mortal bodies for the work that only He can do through us. We must stay in tune with God, every single day.

Hands closed in prayer on an open bible

In order for that to happen, we must spend time with Him every day. Of course we should talk to God anytime and anywhere, but what a help and beneficial discipline it is to have a regular time and place we dedicate every day to spending time alone with God, in communication with Him. This is vital to a truly effective and Spirit-filled life of enjoying the Lord, pleasing the Lord, and ministering to others.

1. When? A Regular Time. David, the one the Bible calls a man after God’s own heart, spoke much of  spending time with God in the morning. (Psalm 5:3; 59:16; 88:13; 143:8) The morning is the beginning of a new day. Your mind is rested and clear. Whatever time of day you choose, it is important that it be a regular time. We are creatures of habit, and having that special, regular time devoted to being with God is important in causing it to happen every day.

2. Where? A Regular Place. Is there a special place in your mind where you are physically located when you spend time in fellowship with God? If not, I encourage you to find such a place. Going to that same location each day helps in getting into the good habit of spending time with God. This will become a very sacred and special place to you.

3. How Often? Every Day! We fight spiritual battles every day. The enemy does not take a day off. Let’s arm ourselves daily.

4. What Do You Do? Read your Bible and let God speak to you through His Word. Pray and speak to Him. Sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord. Memorize Scripture. Be still. Shut the things of the world out for a few moments and let God speak to you.

May I encourage you to take time to turn off the cell phone, walk away from the computer screen, turn off the music, turn off the television, close your door, and communicate with God each day. Your personal time with Him is a time of replenishment, restoration, receiving orders, remembrance, and rest. Don’t neglect it!

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